EDocman V1.9.4 - Download Manager For Joomla

August 19, 2018 / EDocman,download manager for Joomla,Control System,

Description and Details

EDocman is the leading extension for the file download manager for Joomla. By creating the Joomla Access Control System (ACL) system, Edocman provides you with a very powerful flexible permissions system that you can use to control who can access, download, manage (edit, delete, publish and publish your documents from both Front- end and back-end of the Joomla site!


Features of EDocman
Nested categories
EDocman allows you to organize your documents through endless categories and subcategories.

Structure of hierarchical folders
Unlike other downloaded files, using only one folder for storing all files, EDocman allows you to place your files in a hierarchical folder structure (the folder structure is based on the category structure that you configure - each category will have its own folder for storing files As mentioned above).

Simple management of powerful documents
Each document can be assigned to one or another category.
You can control who can view documents through the document access level property (Public, Registered, Special ... and any user access levels in your system).
You can control who can view the Downloads files, Edit, Delete, Publish, or Undo publication of a document using Joomla core ACL settings.
You can assign a document to one (or multiple users), and only selected users will be able to view and download this document.
Each document will be associated with one file. You can download this file when creating a document form or select from the list of available files on your server or even from a remote server.

Different ways of importing documents into the system
Batch loading allows you to simultaneously load (support drag and drop) several documents into the system.
Batch import allows you to simultaneously import existing documents to your server into the system.
Manually create documents one by one (default option).
Automatic import of documents: you just need to upload documents to the server (for example, via FTP), and the plugin automatically scans and imports these documents into the system.
Integration Dropbox: store documents in Dropbox to reduce the use of your hosting. And it's easy to connect Edocman to your Dropbox account.

Advanced, powerful and flexible permissions system
EDocman fully supports the Joomla permission system (Joomla ACL). You can define, add, edit, delete, download and upload permissions for categories and documents.

Inheritance of rights
In EDocman (and Joomla) permissions will be inherited, so you do not need to set access permissions for each document and / or category, which simplifies and speeds up the management of your permissions:

Permission can be configured at the component level, category level, or document level.
The component resolution will be inherited from the site permission setting.
The category permission will be inherited from the component's resolution setting.
The permission of the child category will be inherited from the permission setting of the parent category.
The document permission will be inherited from the main category to which it is assigned.
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