WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager V3.5.3 - CRM Plugin For WooCommerce

August 15, 2018 / WooCommerce,Customer Relationship Manager,Relationship Manager,CRM plugin for WooCommerce,

Description and Details

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager - Wordpress plugin for your online store on WooCommerce, which will allow you to work with clients and with their profiles. You have never felt so simple in adding, editing and exporting your customers. In it you can store all the information about your customers. You can also send and track emails, call customers (and keep a call log), add notes for each customer, track their activity and many more. This is one of the most functional CRM plugins.




Customer Relationship Manager Features
Adding and editing clients:
Registering customers on the site has never been easier, just click the "Add a new customer" button, fill in all the necessary information and your client will appear on your site. In addition to the standard fields: name and login, the plug-in supports the following fields: date of birth, twitter, skype, website address, if available. If you want to add more fields to the page, you can use the Advanced Customer Fields plug-in. Thanks to this you will be able to enter any information about customers, including the location on Google Maps.

Customer Status:
Manage your customers more effectively using different statuses, so you can constantly monitor progress and sales status. Statuses for users can be assigned to a customer profile or to a bulk account change page.

Export and Import:
Use filters to sort your customers and save their data in a CSV file. In addition to export, the plug-in perfectly supports the ability to import clients, which will quickly and efficiently synchronize clients between different teams or sites.

Using the plugin:
After installing the plug-in, you do not have to manually transfer the list of previously registered customers on your online store to WooCommerce. The plugin automatically migrates the client list directly from WooCommerce, which saves you time and effort.

Tracking and sending messages:
You can send any kind of messages, notifications and alerts to individual users or groups of users. You will be able to independently form letters, come up with their design. And after tracking the actions of customers, looking through detailed reports and statistics.