FormCraft V3.7.1 - The Premium Designer Of Forms WordPress

August 15, 2018 / FormCraft,Premium WordPress,Form Builder,FormCraft v3.7.1,forms WordPress,

Description and Details

FormCraft is a plugin for adding new functions and fields to increase the quality of your users' interaction with content. Plugin offers to place anywhere on your site such forms as smileys, ratings, ratings with stars, button "I like", runners, date range, form of material evaluation and so on ...


Basic functions of FormCraft
[*] More than 23 diverse fields;
[*] Support for Retina displays;
[*] Adaptive for mobile device forms;
[*] Using the Ajax feature, without the need for superfluous page updates;
[*] Form of verification;
[*] Automatic saving of form data to prevent repeated voice from the user;
[*] Conditional logic, in order to display or hide fields for specific users;
[*] The file download form, with support for loading up to several files at once;
[*] Widgets for embedding maps and video;
[*] Quick export and import of forms;
[*] Free online gallery of forms;
[*] Free form for Wordpress analytics;
[*] Different ways to display the widget: animation, pop-up window, list and so on;
[*] Visual form editor;
[*] Sending reports to your mailbox;
[*] Search for all content;
[*] Access to all downloaded files from the WordPress admin panel;
[*] Create layouts that contain multiple columns at the click of a button;
[*] Configure the settings for sending notifications by e-mail;
[*] Setting the answering machine;
[*] Full and accessible documentation;
[*] Google font support;
[*] Custom style for drop-down fields;