Tabs Pro V7.4.0 - Plug-in Tab (tabs) For Joomla

August 15, 2018 / Tabs Pro,Tabs Pro v7.4.0,Joomla,plug-in tab,

Description and Details

The new version of the Tabs Pro plug-in is an extension for Joomla, designed to add tabs (tabs) to the materials on the site pages. The way to install the add-on is via the administration panel. Its main tool is a special button displayed in the visual editor. The extension works in any component with support for content plug-ins.



Tabs Pro v7.2.0displays Cyrillic characters in the URL. Another useful feature is that you can set a link to any of the tabs. Site owners note that this Joomla extension is quite simple and at the same time incredibly functional, and if something is not clear, it's possible to understand the coding using a competently compiled user guide, the information flow in which is accompanied by a lot of visual examples. Conveniently, the tabs are displayed without reloading the site page. Especially appreciated is the ability of the plugin to work with external links and triggers, if necessary, to load tabs from other pages. It allows you to change the style of tabs with one click by adding a border of green, gray or blue.

So, Tabs Pro- a useful plug-in Joomla, through which the insertion of tabs becomes extremely fast. The extension allows not only to work with tabs, but also to save space on the site and make the design of the article itself more colorful.