PhpVibe V6.3 NULLED - CMS Video Portal

August 8, 2018 / phpVibe,NULLED,phpVibe v6.3 NULLED,CMS video portal,

Description and Details

phpVibe is the current version of CMS for creating a video portal. Has a large number of functions - download and convert video, generate thumbs to video, user registration, integration with social. networks, comments, video categories and much more. In the kit there are 7 plug-ins and 2 templates.


Version: phpVibe v6.3 NULLED Features: - Download the video! With the conversion ffmpeg (all formats). - FFMPEG editor (no need to edit the code) - Easy to use and switchable player. - Video sharing! Simple sharing video by reference, editing description .. - Importer Youtube. , - Laiki, comments, categories, filters, playlists, utilities.

- Various video players
- Channel / User profile - Messages
- Download images with separate lists, filters, collections, comments.
- Download music (mp3) and soundcloud, lists, filters, comments, likes, playlists.
- Internal tracking of Facebook activity, offering visitors what is happening in their communities
- Subscriptions of users
- Facebook and Google integration - Facebook
comments option
- Ads (banners, html, js-code)
- Video ads (ads with preview, post -roll)
- VideoJs supports VAST / VPAID ads via the plug-in phpVibe

v6.0 plugin NULLED