WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder V4.0.8 - WooCommerce Product Page Designer

August 8, 2018 / WooCommerce,Single Product,Page Builder,WooCommerce Product Page Designer,

Description and Details

WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder - this addition to Visual Composer allows you to build a template for WooCommerce, which will help to make the details of the product offered by the page, original. In particular, if there are problems with displaying some WooCommerce elements, then using Visual Composer with the addition will create a template for each individual product on the page.



Using the add-on, the user can create a product description screen, view it separately (without having to use additional tabs). Easy setup and easy operation makes the addition a convenient tool for creating online store sites. As a convenience, we offer support for shortcodes WooCommerce. It is suggested to use product images, there are a lot of sketches and their sizes. With the help of the add-on, you can conveniently place content on the site (meaning information about the product, its description and the like).