TGDb Game Thread Starter 2.0.4 - Game Parser For XenForo 2

August 2, 2018 / TGDb,Game Thread Starter, XenForo,

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TGDb Game Thread Starter - plugin XenForo 2 which creates themes for games using the database of games. TGDB Thread Starter allows you to enter the game ID or the entire link to the game on in your new topic, add any comments you like, and post a new topic. TGDB Thread Starter imports all the information for your game into a title for a new topic.
[*] Makes a new title for the theme with the name of the game.
[*] Automatically fills the title for the topic and information about the game.
[*] Automatically displays the information of the game window and information in the list of forum topics.
[*] Checks duplicate games and changes new topics to a message in an existing topic if found
[*] Ability to search for a genre, platform and title in the list of forum topics.
[*] The information displayed in the list of forum topics is selected by the administrator.
[*] Select several forums as game forums.
[*] Limit forums to specific game genres.
[*] Limit forums to specific gaming platforms. REQUIREMENTS: The server must have cURL installed

TGDb Game Thread Starter 2.0.4 - game parser for XenForo 2