Crossout New Craft Action MMO | Fight In Apocalyptic Vehicles‏

July 14, 2018 / ,

Description and Details

Game description: 

Prepared for The creators of the famous war game "War Thunder", Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment reunited and developed a new project - Crossout, which is a free MMO. In this case, the camera moves in the "3D" mode, i.e. from a third party. Actions take place in the post-apocalyptic world. Of the details, which in reality look strange together, it will be necessary to design the most real combat vehicle. But this is not all - this "wheelbarrow" must be equipped with armor, weapons, various systems, engines. These elements will make the armored car a truly unique creation, because you can even put a generator that will make the device invisible. Nafantazirovat you can do anything - if only there were suitable details. So if you are a fan of the game War Thunder, then download Crossout through the torrent from us you need in any way.

And where do you get them? Everything is quite simple - from some elements to collect others, get the necessary on the battlefield or buy, the good is an auction. Combinations are the sea, and each player can find one that is right for him. If you allocate resources correctly, you can create an absolutely incredible design. At the same time, the choice is wide enough - all-terrain vehicle, platform, anti-gravity, etc. To hang the thorns, grates, put the radar, a powerful engine, rotating cutting disks, a pair of machine guns or a muzzle of the tank - and forward, to victory. Well, after you get the parts, go to the workshop, assemble or disassemble, perfect your car.

Destroyed deserted factories, the ruins of once flourishing cities - these are the new territories of the battles. This is where the designs are checked - how fast, strong, and combat-ready. Now you can shoot the enemy gun, crush the caterpillar, destroy the wheel. Of course, opponents will not sit idly by, and in turn, try to raskour your car. 

Having looked at the apparatus in the case, the player decides what to strengthen, what details to change, to re-equip. You can change as you like. Also there is an opportunity to assemble teams. It takes the skills of a tactician, a designer, a sniper and even an economist. It will be necessary to improvise on the move, deciding which part to apply to the machine, and which one is better used to create other elements.

If you want to download the Crossout torrent now, then you will not be able to do anything, since beta testing will start in the summer. Future warriors, designers and strategists will be able to start collecting different combat vehicles if they become participants of the Crossout beta. To do this, you need to go to the official site of the game and submit an application there. 

The developers of all the secrets do not open, but promise that the game will be:
- Shoot from the enemy's machine any element, after which its combat effectiveness will immediately decrease. 
- Put different weapons - saws, machine guns, rockets, drones, drills, etc. 
- Create details in the workshop. 
- Sell things at auction. 

And also full strategic freedom is waiting for the players. Do what you want, just to stay alive and bring the car to the enemy base.

Trailer / Gameplay:

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