Description and Details

Krypto 4 - Live Trading, Advanced Data, Market Analysis, Watching List, Portfolio, Subscriptions

Krypto is an online service script for working with cryptocurrencies: online trading, advanced data, market analysis, watch list, portfolio, subscriptions. More than 2100+ available cryptocurrencies, your wallet balance, Buy / Sell, Extended Pages, Charts, Charts with technical specifications and much more.



4.0.5 the Version (2/10/2018)
- Fix bugs
- the Add system for the remove the '.php' extension to the the dashboard
- the Change logo The more Easily from admin section called
- Fix issue on coinbase coin
- Fix alerts Shown with CryptoNotifications
- Fix on subscription coingate
- Improve the deposit system with a textfield

Version 4.0.3 (02/10/2018)
- Optmize the search system
- Fix the add exchange
- Fix the pair change default settings in general
- Fix the error POEditor
- add identity title changing
- fix save trading configuration
- fix coinpayment
- fix order list error