BeMusic V2.3.0 - Engine For Creating A Music Site

October 2, 2018 / BeMusic,Music Streaming Engine,creating a music site,

Description and Details

BeMusic - the engine for creating a website with music (download, listen online, etc.). With the powerful Appearence Editor you can easily change the style of the site. Support playlists, albums that users can share with others. In the admin center you can translate the site into any language. Inside the archive you will find the documentation for use.



PHP> = 5.6
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO Extension
php_fileinfo Extension
MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.

Latest version 2.3.0
2018 October 01 - Version 2.3.0
New Features
New "genres" page in admin area for managing all site genres.
New "popularity" and "image" fields for genres for easier management.
Artists, albums and tracks now have "auto update" field for.
New files page in admin area for inspecting and deleting uploaded files.
Custom translation lines can now be added from "admin -> translations" page.
Auto focus search bar input on mobile when user navigates to search page.
Hide "filter" input fields from all pages on mobile.
Properly show album art when playing locally uploaded track.

Local artists views are now shown in.
Add pages created from admin area to sitemap.
Updated admin area design.
New 404 page design.
Bug Fixes up
album and homepage seo meta tags.
to allow only one year.
properly show lyrics that are not attached to any track.
fix an issue where tracks sometimes would not have "check" icon when added to "my music".
fix a few visual issues when adding and removing tracks to and from "my library".
prevent infinite redirect loops when the homepage is set to login or register pages.
properly display responsive adsense ads.
use rgba colors in custom appearance.
Remove all user files when user is deleted from admin area.
Refresh users list in admin area.
2018 June 10 - Version 2.2.4
Bug Fixes
> Fixed some issues with default artist image paths.
Fixed an issue with appearance editor.
Do not show download button in context menu for non-local tracks.
Added some missing translations.
2018 June 05 - Version 2.2.3
> Bug Fixes
fixed no issue with lyrics
hide private playlists from user profile page.
properly redirect.
fixed some issues with sitemap generator.
fixed-type issues.
properly show custom uploaded video.
added download local track button to track context menu.
2018 June 01 - Version 2.2.2
Bug Fixes
fixed some issues on analytics page.
fixed adding custom page via menu manager.
custom pages will not properly display.
fixed several issues with translations.
fixed an issue with registration.
top 50, popular genres, albums and new releases should now be selectable as homepage again.
search bar in sidebar should no longer show default browser autocomplete.