Betternet VPN Premium 4.1.1 Cracked

September 2, 2018 / Betternet,VPN,Premium,Betternet VPN Premium,Cracked,

Description and Details

Betternet VPN Premium 4.1.1 allows you to remove all restrictions and circumvent the prohibitions that previously existed on the Internet. The VPN client provides access to the content that you need, even if it is blocked.
The user is given complete anonymity and security on the network. You can not be detected, traffic is securely encrypted, and site locks are no longer valid.

It's a pleasure to use the service, the application interface is very simple and not overloaded with a lot of settings. There is no need to go through a lengthy registration procedure. The VPN network is configured automatically, based on your network's data in one click.
Software encryption of traffic prevents attempts to unauthorized access to personal information

Connecting to a VPN network gives the user a new IP address and changes its real geolocation. Due to what, the user can not be tracked on the Internet.

Bypassing of locks.
To remove all prohibitions and locks allows changing the IP address. Every time you connect to a VPN network, the user gets a new address.

Ease of use. A
well-thought-out application system allows you to configure and activate a VPN connection in one click