NearbyStores V1.4.1 Is The Search Application For Andoid

September 2, 2018 / The stopStores,android, chat, coupons, discounts, events, finder, hotels, nearby, nearby stores, offers, places, promo, reductions, store locator,

Description and Details

NearbyStars is a search application for Android that allows you to find local businesses and stores from one or more places. Are you the owner of a retail or wholesale trade to improve sales and traffic in your store? NearStores is your number one application for finding local cafes, businesses and other services. The advantages of the store owner are: an easy way to get traffic to your store, improve profits, a 24/7 open area in the app for your store, chat with business owners and customers. Advantages of NearStoresfor the customer: offers, promos, discounts are always at your discretion, like your favorite stores and get news and notifications about them, chat with any business owner in the app, attend events organized by some of your favorite stores, watch and leave feedback. What else? You can personalize your store in any style that you need. The user interface is excellent from every point of view. Navigation in the application. The app comes with a responsive design that can satisfy almost any taste.