Noo Timetable V2.0.4.6 - Adaptive Calendar Plugin For WordPress

August 19, 2018 / Noo Timetable,adaptive calendar plugin,plugin for WordPress,

Description and Details

NOO Timetable is an ultra flexible calendar plugin for WordPress, with a fully adaptive and addictive interface. Ideal for fitness, yoga, dance, medical faculties, calendars of any kind, etc. Noo Timetable makes it easy to create a schedule with user data in just a few minutes. All classes / events will be displayed visually both in the week and in the monthly schedule and also filtered by category. Noo Timetable has many great features that make it an ideal choice for your schedule of activities / events. Modern flat style, fully responsive, super flexible, multiple viewing options, event filters, event navigation, iCal file export, pop-up windows.


Completely responsive and mobile
NOO schedule is completely responsive and mobile. It will be perfectly displayed on any mobile device.

Modern flat style
This plug-in has a modern and flat interface. All colors can be adjusted manually, like the calendar, and the color of the goods.

Super flexible
Especially classes / events will be displayed in a very flexible way: classes / events with the same dates and times will still be beautifully displayed in the schedule.

Auto-sync from inventory
Noo Timetable can be automatically synchronized from several public sources, such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. In addition, in the "Import type" section there is an option "Save repeatability", which has a synchronized function. When you create classes / events in Apple Calendar, after a certain period of time, it is automatically updated in the schedule of the website based on the entered link.

Manual Class Settings
This function allows you to create classes on specific days. When you check this box, you can no longer use the extended schedule (the extended schedule will automatically create classes based on the number of weeks and days of the week).

Repeat the event
Noo Timetable allows you to set the class / event to be repeated weekly, monthly or annually on a schedule based on detailed and specific parameters, such as the last Tuesday of the month, etc.

Additional Shortcode: Upcoming Event
This helps you display upcoming events in the schedule. The upcoming events are organized according to the actual time.

Multiple viewing options
All classes / events will be displayed visually in the day, week and monthly schedule and also filtered by categories

Event filters
Our plug-in is ready for a schedule with a large number of classes, so powerful filters are needed. You can enable various filters, such as Category, Instructor, Location, Day or Time of Day.

Navigating through events
With the event navigation feature, the NOO schedule makes it easy to navigate to the next week on a schedule.

Exporting and importing iCal files
The NOO Timetable plug-in allows the user to export the schedule to an iCalendar file and import classes and events from Apple Calendar without much effort.

Pop-up windows A
schedule should contain only important information, but you can have many other useful information for your visitors. Therefore, each class accepts separate text and images that can be displayed in a pop-up window. In addition, we include in this plugin 16 styles of pop-up windows for your own use.

Schedule on the page
It allows you to create multiple schedules on each page. Create a schedule of classes or classes in minutes.

Preset message types: Classes and events
Classes and events are two predefined NOO schedule types. Create classes and events in seconds.

Compatibility with Visual Composer
Our plug-in is compatible with Visual Composer. If you have already installed Visual Composer, it still supports the creation of short codes.

The Shortcode
plug-in also supports shortcode by default. However, it will still support the shortcode if the user installed the Visual Composer.

Unlimited colors
You can select one of several colors to customize the color of the schedule (calendar, time intervals, etc.),

Noo Timetable support supports right-to-left languages ​​and reposition elements when necessary.

Demo version of One Click
Importing demo data has never been easier. With just one click, the demo data will be imported.

Automatic Updates
Do not waste time updating the themes and plug-ins manually. The plugin can be easily updated automatically with one click. We have included a

comprehensive document
in a special package file of the plug-in package, which will help you to install and configure the plug-in step by step. You can also find a detailed online guide to our support center.